cropped-national-day-logo.jpgSeptember 30th 2015!

Last year saw the very first National Sporting Heritage Day take place across the UK. Many organisations used the event to explore different ways of working. Some researched the history of their sport or club for the first time and held events to share what they’d discovered in small exhibition displays; some held ask the expert days to explore sporting heritage in their community; others developed education packs or trails about local sporting heritage to support families and schools; and some held town and county wide festivals to highlight the sporting heritage of their locality.

The findings of the first year of activity demonstrate that when sporting heritage is used as the foundation of a programme or activity, it has the potential to increase participation in sport itself, see new and different audiences visiting heritage venues, impact on tourism objectives for example increase footfall in town centres, and directly support the national curriculum, teaching and learning.

Why not make sure you take part in the 2015 event and highlight the importance of sporting heritage to you and your community?

Sporting Heritage includes objects, stories, documents, photographs, and film that tell the story of the nations’ sporting past and the event provides a brilliant opportunity to support learning programmes, community activities, develop new partnerships, and uncover untold stories and objects.

Use the menu above to find out more about the event, how to join in, become an official partner, and what’s on.

Join in and celebrate your local sporting heritage!

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