Walk the Memory Mile at Heritage Day Celebration

BENTON — The Polk County Health Council invites you to walk the Memory Mile in honor of a loved one which you could have you’ve lost due to a smoking/tobacco related condition such as heart disease, stroke, stroke and lung cancer.

The Walk begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 28, prior to the Heritage Day Celebration starting about the Courthouse Square. There is not any fee for the walk nevertheless will soon be supplied.

Additionally, a memorial mark together with your loved ones name will be set on the courthouse lawn through the afternoon.
Register on line with Joyce. clem@tn.gov.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, cigarette smoking is the major preventable cause of death in the USA. A few other facts about smoking comprise:
• Smoking accounts for around 90% of cancer deaths.
• More women die annually from lung cancer than breast cancer.
• Smoking increases the risk for coronary heart disease 2 to 4 times, stroke two to four times, and of lung cancer, 25 times.
• Smoking induces diminished general wellness, increased absenteeism from work, and increased healthcare use and cost.
• Smoking may also lead to cancer anywhere on your body including blood, liver, cervix, colon and rectum, esophagus, kidney and ureter, larynx, liver, and oropharynx, pancreas, stomach, trachea, bronchus and lung.

Polk County Health Council is holding the Memory Mile Walk using the tobacco lawsuit settlement money they received this past year.

According to Donna Calhoun, chairperson of the Polk County Health Council, “We expect to promote healthy habits in Polk County with events such as this and increase awareness of the effects of tobacco use in any form.”

The latest statistics show that 71% of Polk County adults do not smoke.

Based on Jeannie Bentley, Polk County Health Department manager, “We expect to keep increasing the proportion of nonsmokers to decrease the danger of severe health conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease, lung disease, and low birth- weight, premature babies.”

E-cigarettes are a fairly new fad advertised as a safe alternative to smoking. However, secondhand vapor contains cancer inducing compounds in it and also the nicotine refills aren’t required to be childproof. They are available in candy and fruit flavors that attract kids. One teaspoon of liquid nicotine can be lethal to a child and a smaller amount can result in severe illness that usually needs a visit to the emergency department. A toddler in New York died by drinking an e-cigarette refill and calls to poison control centers have radically increased with increasing sales of e-cigarettes.

The Polk County Health Council is a partnership of agencies. Organizations represented on the council ‘ UT Extension Polk County, Coordinated School Health Polk County, Polk County Health Department, People Helping People, Benton Family Health Care and numerous volunteers.

Polk County has lots of beautiful outdoor places for hiking, swimming, and other outside pursuits and the Health Council expects to encourage local residents to be outdoors and active by sponsoring the Brain Mile Walk and promote a healthier, tobacco free lifestyle.