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I was looking to get some new furniture. I don’t like the basic furniture that you can get at many stores. I feel that it’s cheaply made and falls apart easily. I have bought some things in the past that ended up being junk. I wanted to get a new desk and a few other things and I started looking for sellers that were local that sold rustic oak furniture.

I went online and searched for places I could purchase this well-made furniture. The closest place that showed up on the listings was an hour away. I didn’t want to drive this far, but if I had to I would in order to get quality furniture.

I decided to ask on Facebook to see if any of my friends there could recommend a local seller that had rustic oak furniture to look at and possibly buy. I had a few friends tell me about a www.furnitureheaven.co store that was just down the road. I hadn’t even thought about looking there before. I stopped on my way home from work to see what kind of furniture they had to choose from. I talked to the lady that was working and she said the owner knew someone that makes this furniture and can make something for me if I choose. I looked around and found a desk that I wanted to buy. It was really nice and the price was reasonable considering the quality. I wasn’t hesitate to spend this money on an oak desk because I knew it would last for many years. I went ahead and purchased it and took it home. I put it in it’s new spot with the help of my husband. It looks great and I’m glad I found someone to buy this from locally.