Summer Camp Films Are So Much Fun To Make

Summer camp films are so much fun. What type of film are you trying to make? Some of the most common are the ones people make to create a video of summer camp memories. Whether you are doing that or making another type of video, you need good equipment and a video editing software program. Of course this is summer camp not Hollywood, so someone has a recording device, and you can even use free editing software.

If you are brave enough, you can even have people shoot the summer camp video on a cellphone. Wouldn’t that be so cool? You could have everyone participate and be on alert, shooting interesting videos on their cellphones during the entire youngfilmacademy summer camp and sending them in for collaboration at the end. Wouldn’t that be a really interesting way to make a summer camp film?

You can also contact with that has different types of projects for the kids to do. Be sure that the projects are age appropriate. At the last summer camp I went to, the counselors had the campers split up into groups and make music videos. It was a really cool project, and the videos turned out great. What kind of project would you like to get the campers to do?

You can always ask them, but the point is include video projects in some way. Campers have fond memories of summer camp, and these videos can help create and archive those memories for them as well. Imagine looking back on a video like that 30 years later and getting to relive those summer camp memories. That would be really neat, and technology makes that easy these days. You can even have the campers upload their videos online to share them with everyone, and that makes it easy.