Benefits Of Rotor Whine Sound Tube

If you have installed a supercharger recently, one that is making a substantial amount of noise, this is probably the reason that it is on your vehicle. Of course, the main reason that you have one, to begin with, is to increase the amount of power that your vehicle will have. These are typically seen on sports cars, ones that are designed to go fast. They look natural on them, whereas putting this on a standard vehicle, is simply not going to matter. The rotor whine that you hear is what most people like, and you can use sound tubes to amplify this noise. Let’s discuss how this would work, and then where you can find rotor whine sound tube that you can purchase online.

Why Would Anyone Want To Put A Supercharger On Their Vehicle?

The reason that you put a supercharger on is that it is going to increase the power that your vehicle will have. They use a forced induction system, similar to turbochargers that are running off of the stream of the exhaust. However, with the supercharger, you’re going to have a belt. The belt is connected to the engine so that it can use the power of the engine to generate more speed. When you hear that whining noise, it is often thought that the belt is the primary reason that you will hear this, but there are other factors involved.

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Which One Would Be More Efficient?

When you are choosing between a turbocharger and supercharger, it just depends on why you want to have them installed. For example, a turbocharger runs off the exhaust stream, and therefore it is the most energy efficient. That’s because the exhaust is already moving out. There is absolutely nothing connected to the engine which would cause it to use more fuel. It is using what is called wasted energy, however, because of the back pressure that is developed, you won’t see a lot of power until you are at the higher RPM levels. Supercharger, on the other hand, you can tell right away. This is usually exemplified by the whining noise that you will hear.

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How To Increase The Whining Noises Using Sound Tubes

If you want to take advantage of more in-cabin rotor whine, you just need to install one of these sound tube kits. Many people refer to it as their engine is now singing. You are going to hear this inside, sort of like a high-pitched squeal, and it is made possible because of the sound tubes. If this is something you would prefer hearing instead of the roar of the engine, you can have these installed by a local mechanic. Just make sure that it is designed for the supercharger that you are currently using so that you get the best possible effect.

For those that really appreciate that whining noise the superchargers make, these sound tubes are what you need. They can be installed in just a few hours, and once it is done, you will be impressed with what you hear. There are many different kits that you can purchase. You can find customer testimonials from company that sell them. Once installed, you will be certainly glad that you took the time to have this done.