Ireland’s Greatest Sporting Moments

Kimmage demands a drug test!

With RTÉ doing a stellar job in highlighting a few of our nation’s greatest times from the sporting world we said we would make a couple calls, and get a mini-panel of our own together.

This morning we welcomed Ronan O’Gara, Niall Quinn, also Eamon Dunphy into tell us who they give the nod to.

ROG was looking quite new (well he’s the ambassador for ClarinsMen), as he explained that rowing adventures, the O’Donovan brothers, have been his first choice of the bunch. He reckons the unique Corkmen are really like him with their “larger than life styles”. Pure entertainers. Their diet ends up him a lot too.  

The best guy to ever grace a pitch, Niall Quinn, pledges his allegiance to Ronnie Delaney. Even the 1956, 1500m gold medalist’s speed is something the prior Ireland striker always desired, but couldn’t reach, “I studied all Ronnie Delaney’s videos, and none of them worked”.  

Then we had great aul Eamon, who amazingly went to “The Darling of Dublin”, Ken Doherty. Ken hammered Stephen Hendry from the 1997 World Snooker Championship last to be crowned World Champ, and Eamon is a gigantic fan.

Throughout Iano’s discussion with the lads, Paul Kimmage rings the series to scrutinise their selections. He’s not in any way happy, as he feels there was lots of smoke and mirrors involved in all their successes.  

In his mind, the O’Donovan brothers are totally scripted, Ronnie Delaney needed something such as EPO in his own chowder, as for Ken Doherty, well let’s just say “there was chalk on the verge of that signal”.  

Some severe allegations that there Paul!!

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