Cricket Media Highlights eMentoring Apps, TryEngineering Collectively and CricketTogether, at 2018 National Title I Conference

PHILADELPHIA — February 8, 2018 — Now at the 2018 National Title I Conference, Cricket Media® puts the spotlight on its innovative corporate eMentoring programs that share the mission of Title: “to provide students in low income communities with access to high quality instructional opportunities which place them on the road to achievement.” Launching this month, TryEngineering Collectively™ leverages Cricket Media articles and STEM enthusiast eMentors to place pupils on the road to STEM professions.    

CricketTogether™, launched in 2017, unites Cricket Media’s award winning articles with an eMentoring platform to provide teachers with a free, secure, and inspiring way to assist their students become skilled readers, thinkers and authors, together with 1:1 eMentors. CricketTogether generates an environment in which students get advice from and build friendships with their eMentors, learn from content that interests them and receive training from their teachers along their learning avenues. CricketTogether won Best of Show in Tech & Learning magazine at ISTE 2017.

TryEngineering Collectively, developed, in partnership with IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional firm advancing technology for humanity, is a reply to the urgent requirement to inspire and teach a future generation of engineers. TryEngineering Collectively partners with companies to match business worker volunteers with students in grades 3-5, particularly those in economically disadvantaged communities, in 1:1 “eMentoring” relationships to make secure, powerful STEM learning adventures.  

Pupils and eMentors participating in TryEngineering Collectively might collaborate to explore the wonders of flight, learn about how wind power helps to preserve the planet, or how creations are shaping the future. Throughout this program, students learn how to believe critically, solve problems, and work creatively and inexpensively. They become confident in their capacity to master and revel in STEM topics, beginning to understand and enjoy the wonder and range of STEM career chances.  

Teachers and eMentors likewise possess high praise for CricketTogether. Lucie Unferth Hawk, a fifth-grade instructor at Ridge Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina, stated “It’s extremely rewarding for me as a teacher to see the letters my pupils are writing and exchanging with their teachers about their stories.   They are reading for pleasure, talking about what they’re studying and are excited about it. The very best part is the motivation for studying has increased and it’s impacting their academic accomplishment. The more a child reads the better reader they become”

Kevin Manzel, an eMentor from The amazing Courses, who began with CricketTogether throughout the pilot program, championed the initiative at his firm. He explained, “By the time I obtained my first letter from the first student I eMentored I was hooked. He informed me about his family, how he enjoyed soccer and soccer, how he wanted to understand about woodworking because his father was a magician. I managed to talk about my fascination with sports, and ask him to think about what he’d like to assemble if he were a magician.

“Once we’d built a rapport within our families and interests, we then read magazine articles together — practically — and discussed them. Because I have a son the exact same age as my pen pal, it was equally fun and easy to find out exactly what I found interesting, after that prod him with questions I knew would stir his imaginative thinking juices. On top of that I anticipate getting my email note that ‘You have a letter waiting for you! ”’

Nina Zolt, founder of Cricket Media, stated, “In Cricket Media we share the mission of teachers attending the Title I summit — to optimize educational equity for all students. Through our eMentoring applications, students around the country have access to great articles and caring adult role models who associate to them on an individual level, sparking a fresh motivation for learning and providing an authentic purpose for reading and writing, to swap ideas with a caring adult.”

Illustrative of its dedication to educational equity, Cricket Media is supplying all teachers who see the business’s booth #435 during the Title I conference a free subscription to your title from its portfolio of 11 award-winning children’s magazines.

Teachers attending the 2018 National Title I Conference could learn more about TryEngineering Collectively and CricketTogether from the Cricket Media stall #435  or from visiting       along with

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