Yorkshire director of cricket knows what’s wrong with English cricket

Yorkshire manager of cricket Martyn Moxon believes England’s Evaluation prospects have been undermined from the counties’ concentrate on the monetary benefits of Twenty20.

England’s humiliating Ashes reduction in Australia, in which they’ve lost the opening three Tests to cancel the seabed prior to Christmas, has put the domestic game below the spotlight, together with the lack of speed bowlers coming to some specific issue.

Together with T20 currently being played in the middle of this season to increase earnings, marginalising a large chunk of the County Championship to April and September, Moxon claims the county game is not a breeding ground for Evaluation players.

“The issue with English cricket is that there are so many conflicts,” said Moxon in the Yorkshire Post.

“There are conflicts of interest between county and international cricket, and it is so tough to resolve them.

“Realistically, the number of counties now can actually look to produce Test cricketers because of the fiscal situation. Counties are in debt, therefore we have to play with the cricket that’s going to make the revenue to keep us all afloat, and most of us understand that the kind of cricket that contributes to the earnings is T20.

“We have to increase earnings from this and it has been identified that the best time of the year to perform that is when we are now playing with it. The importance that a definite number of counties place on T20, that’s the priority, not red-ball cricket.

“It lowers the number of counties which are potentially looking to produce red-ball cricketers and spending time in creating red-ball cricketers, since it doesn’t bring you any earnings.

“There isn’t a simple solution. We need to play T20 when we do because of fund, which means we are playing Championship cricket in April and September mostly, that’s the time of season once your traditional English seamers dominate.

“However, it is another type of cricket and also another kind of cricketer necessary to winning Australia instead of winning England, for instance, as Australia have found when they’ve come to England.”

For England, they nevertheless need to perform the remaining Ashes series, with their principal aim looking to prevent a complete whitewash.

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