Mia Khalifa, Host Of New Sports Show, Gets Kicked Out Of Sporting Event

Earlier this season, Complex debuted Everyday Struggle, that a  First Take-like net reveal that pits two crying idiots against one another to see who could produce the most viral quotation. So far, it is working.    Working really well, in actuality, that Complex appears to be doubling down by launching a brand new sports talk show, Out Of   Bounds, ” together with Gilbert Arenas and, that is correct, Mia Khalifa.

Let me state that I’ve disliked Mia Khalifa (because a sports personality) long before her deal with Complex. Her transition from controversial porn star to the self-proclaimed “DC Sports Girl” was nothing short of hilariously cringe-worthy, given that her voice aches like nails on a chalkboard and her analysis is at about a third-grade viewing level.

Don’t believe me? Let’s check the tape on a number of the superb sport that are humorous of Mia takes:

Ah, great one, Mia! Because breakups stink! I do it! Ha ha!

Woah, Mia, did you really have a rest from flat hunting to watch soccer at one of apartments?! You have to be a tremendous sports fan.

Lol! Because ESPN has many diverse variations of SportsCenter!

My purpose is that despite her spunk and enthusiasm, Mia Khalifa’s sports understanding is shit, and we would not know because her delivery is worse, if it isn’t.

Give credit where credit is due, though, since Out Of Bounds is really a imaginative bet and Mia was able to turn a hot series in porn right into a sports media profession. Nevertheless,  this show is going to likely be very, very awful, and the only way it is going to be able to sustain itself is with viral stunts like this (and yes, so stay woke, I believe this was all staged, even as From Bounds premiere today).

And Mia, if for some reason you choose to attack us/me with this report, please make sure you @ us (@coed or even @eric_italiano). We appreciate. Also congratulations — if anyone’s profession is that the embodiment of the American dream in 2017, it is yours.