Laureus World Sports Awards Declares for Greatest Sporting Moment of the Year

It forced the match to be postponed and also several of the travelling lovers, after the Borussia Dortmund team bus had been struck by an explosion before the Champions League quarter-final with Monaco on 11 April. That is when the German club supporters did something unheard of: they¬†¬†chose to social media to provide their homes to their “rivals”.

Just as heartwarming is the narrative of Bill Conner — that cycled over 2,000 kilometers to honour his deceased daughter Abbey and her organ donation — and Billy ‘The Whizz’ Monger — a 18-year-old Formula 4 motorist, who suffered life-changing injury but didn’t allow it to hold him back.

September's six contenders for

September’s six contenders for Laureus’ Greatest Sporting Moment, which include India’s Man Kaur (fourth from right), who is a 101-year-old athlete who also won gold at the World Masters Games.

There’s also the inspiring story of a athlete Man Kaur, who sprinted to gold .

From hard age the six contenders to the Laureus Greatest Sporting Moment of the Year of this month are not just inspiring, but heartwarming and emotional to say the very least.

From August to December, the public can pick their favorite from a shortlist of six videos, selected by the sporting legends of the Laureus World Sports Academy every month. The five monthly winners will then proceed head-to-head for a general vote, with the winner being announced at the 2018 Laureus Awards Ceremony.

Laureus Greatest Sporting Moments demonstrate qualities like sportsmanship, drama, fair play, and devotion, and look beyond the scoreboard or podium. They symbolise the actual values of sport and contribute to life the message that sport has the capacity.

Since Laureus World Sports Awards’ India spouses, Firstpost brings one of the September nominees for its 2018 edition:

For Person Kaur, from Chandigarh in India, age is just a number. The Masters athlete picked up the gold medal of her career on 24 April at the World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand, finishing the dash in 1 minute and 14 seconds. “I liked it, and I’m very, very happy,” Kaur said after the race. Kaur started participating at age 93 eight decades ago, in sports events Gurdev Singh, 78, who also competed in the Masters Games.

“If my mum wins, she moves back to India, and she is excited to inform others, ‘I’ve won so many medals for this nation’ Winning makes her happy,” Singh said. When training at home at Chandigarh, quite a few short distances runs each day — and she considers other women needs to follow in her footsteps. “She motivates them to operate, not consume incorrect foods, and they ought to encourage their kids also to get involved in the Games,” said her son.

After an explosion happened beside the Borussia Dortmund team bus before the Champions League quarter-final with Monaco on 11 April footballing rivals showed solidarity. The incident left Monaco fans and forced the game to be postponed until the evening. Social media came to the rescue as #BedsForAwayFans and the were used by Dortmund fans, offering a place to stranded Monaco fans. The hashtags trended globally and generated over 16 million impressions in just 12 hours. Police confirmed there were three explosions near the bus, breaking some of the windows of their vehicle.

Shards of glass injured defender Marc Bartra and also was taken to the hospital quickly. He underwent surgery on his wounded arm to repair a fracture and then remove shrapnel. The Spain defender occurred to Instagram to explain his emotions: “The pain, the fear and the doubt of not understanding what was going on, or how much time it would last … were the greatest and toughest 15 minutes of my life.”

The Lucas family have supported the University of North Carolina for so long as they can remember, also about 8 January, Carolina had been enjoying with NC State. “That game had actually been postponed due to snow and the cold weather,” said Adam Lucas, dad of Asher. So 11-year-old Asher and his buddy Grant, determined that they’d amuse the crowd by trying a shots because there was no established half-time show on this day.

Asher hit on the first shot…

“After the initial one, they are like, ‘Hey, you’ve made a half-court shot. Good job,'” Asher said.

“I’m like, that is nuts, there’s no way I can produce three,” Asher recalled. “But let us try it as the crowd’s excited. You do not want to just stop there.”

“The crowd went nuts when I produced three,” Asher said. “It felt amazing because I do not really know anybody that created three half-court shots earlier, and it is really hard to perform.”

Abbey Conner died tragically while on holiday in Mexico. Her dad Bill chose to get something to honour her life. On 22 a cyclist, Conner, jumped on his bike and began riding across the nation. He made a decision to journey 2,600 kilometers — from his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida — to stop by Broward Health Medical Centre, the hospital that recovered Abbey’s organs for donation back in January. 1,400 miles into his journey, he fulfilled 21-year-old Loumonth Jack Jr, that only survived because Abbey had donated her organs, and her heart had been donated to save his life.

He felt like he knew him after Conner fulfilled Jack. “Knowing he is alive due to Abbey, Abbey is living inside of him — it is her heart with him stand up straight,” Conner said. “I was happy for him and his family, and at precisely the same time, I must reunite with my daughter.” So Conner would hear his daughter’s heartbeat for the first time as she died in January after having a hug, Jack pulled out a stethoscope. Both men began to split. The family made a listing of Jack’s heart as he rides , so it could be listened to by Conner. Conner continued on his journey to spread awareness revealing his daughter’s narrative along the way after spending a little bit more time with Jack.

Josh Landmann was left paralysed from just below his chest after plunging and then hitting his head at the bottom, suffering spinal injuries. Despite his own injuries, the 22-year-old didn’t let his freak accident stop him committing a gruelling obstacle course, Mudder, a go on 13 May in order to raise money. When Landmann tried to crawl up the hard ‘Everest’ barrier on the program, he obtained support from Neil, his father, and participants that outstretched their hands and hauled him to the top of the barrier. “I got to the edge thinking I’d have the ability to crawl up it very easily and reach the rope, although it wasn’t quite as easy as that. It was quite slippery. And then dad’s trying to push me and he is slipping,” Josh stated.

Neil added: “He is so determined to succeed and attain things that it was just ordinary. We have grown up with his progression and positivity. He is amazing in that respect” On the support he has received since the difficult Mudder challenge, Josh said: “I’ve received numerous messages out of mums and out of kids who say they wish to do it when they are older. I’ve had messages from those that are at the hospital at the minute who say they are very low and also ask ‘How can you do it?’ It’s very surreal.” Today Landmann wants to get involved in the Winter Paralympics at 2022: “I’ve been operating with the British para-snowsports group and done several races, it’s opened so many doors for me. But I’ve got a couple more challenges ahead also.”

Billy ‘The Whizz’ Monger was conversing with Formula 1 celebrity Lewis Hamilton, at the World Championship Practice Day at Silverstone just months after a dreadful accident, where the teenaged motorsport driver lost both his legs. Even the 18-year-old suffered life-changing accidents after he crashed into a stationary car’s rear, at a Formula 4 race at Donnington Park April. Billy was stuck in his own vehicle for 90 minutes before he is airlifted to a hospital in Nottingham, but his legs could not be saved by medics. Mercedes motorist Hamilton tweeted roughly Monger. Hamilton published: “I’ve only just found the news of the tragic incident. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, @BillyMonger.”

The incident contributed to a fundraising effort for the rehabilitation and recovery that increased over # 800,000 — Formula 1 drivers Lewis Hamilton of Billy and shook the community, Jenson Button and Felipe Massa are among the supporters. Regardless of the accident, Billy has not let losing both arms scupper his motorsport ambitions. Eleven weeks after his injury, the Formula 4 motorist was back from the wheel with assistance from Team BRIT, which assists drivers and army to take part in motorsport. Monger drove a automobile mounted hand controllers to clutch, brakes and the throttle. Talking at the moment, Billy said: “It just shows you when a tragic event like this occurs how folks pull together. I’ve still got a few years in my own for sure so I want to prove how much you’re able to do even with something like this.”

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