Dalung dissolves national sports federations — Punch Newspapers

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has announced the dissolution of their planks of all national sports federations.

The Youth and Sports Development Minister Solomon Dalung, who made the announcement at Abuja on Fridaydirected all secretaries to take charge of their various federations.

The dissolution is one of those landmarks of the existing State of Emergency in the sports sector in the country, and may not be unconnected with certain moves that try to undermine the electoral process by federations, a few of which have started searching for   a six-month tenure expansion.

“In accord with the Olympic Charter, all national sports federations are to serve for a period of 3 years. The federations were inaugurated in May 2013, also tradition, federations dissolved following each Olympic Games. Their tenure has now come to a finish.

“To guarantee a level playing floor and free and fair elections, where all will be given equal opportunities to realise their ambition to contest the European elections, that the national sports federations are hereby dissolved from now (Friday) May 5, 2017. Secretaries are to take charge and run the events of their federations throughout the process of their elections.”

Although each other programme for the process is going to be corrected to fit into the election date, the election date has been extended to June 13. Further announcement about the time table is going to be released in due course.

Dalung remembered that he called for all sports federations’ constitutions however only five complied. He stated there was a procedure put in place and that ahead of the forthcoming elections, analysts approved guidelines.

He voiced his determination and dedication to a successful transition process of democratising the federations and producing leadership to fulfill with the yearnings and aspirations of sports-loving Nigerians.

For this effect, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Nigeria Olympic Committee will facilitate the Procedure.

“As part of our dedication to a free and fair procedure, the ministry requested the federations to distribute copies of their constitutions. Unfortunately, as at now (Friday), only five federations complied, leaving the Ministry along with also the NOC with no other choice than to organise the elections based purely on the guidelines except people federations who submitted their constitutions also there are certain requirements of note, of that in the spirit of fair and free elections, will soon be exempted.”

The minister has also directed the ministry to consult with all the NOC and urge three credible names to make up the committee.

“We will make alterations and moderations of the transition programme because we advance and   when the occasion necessitates. On the other hand, the election is the sole thing that’s sacrosanct.”

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